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Magnetic Micro-USB Charging Cord (Fits all machines with Micro-USB charging)


Magnetic Micro-USB Charging Cord (Fits all machines with Micro-USB charging)

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• MAGNETIC PIN facilitates charging and prevents damages and failures
• LED LIGHT indicator turns on when charging
• UNIVERSAL USB charge for worldwide use
• ONE-HANDED operation allows effortless charging connectivity, by simply placing tool with magnetic port near the magnetic cable
• HIGHEST QUALITY and durability for long-lasting daily use
• 6 FT LONG POWER USB CORD with heavy-duty anti-roll and anti-tangle technology
• INCLUDES: 2 round Mini-USB magnetic pins and 6 FT. cord

ONE HAND, ONE CORD, REALLY!  Yep, it only takes one hand to connect your electronic tool or any device that has a Mini USB port to start charging.  It must be magic….no, it’s the new super cool charging system that has magnetic pin connectors so all you have to do is place one end of the cord to the end of your device that has the pin in it that you want to charge. The other end goes into the USB charging outlet or into a USB power device.

Keep yourself organized and ready while servicing your clients with the STYLECRAFT Barber Magnetic Mini USB Charging Cable System.  Having your tools powered and ready to service your client in the salon or the barber shop are vital to a stylist’s reputation and quality of work!

Without the right attachments to your tools, you may leave yourself or your client looking messy and unkept.  Not to mention a tool that is not fully charged and not working when you need it. How does it work? Simple. We provide two little pins, one for your device, and one for a spare. They are magnetic, so when you need a quick charge of your clipper, trimmer, shaver, or any electronic device…place the end of the cord and the magnets will come together and voila! You are charging.

Aside from the convenience of this magnetic charging cord system design, this cord is made of high-grade nylon and steel tips and are essential to your tool box that can be used every day.  Why not have the convenience of clicking a magnet charger in a second rather than struggling with finding the right cord to fit a specific tool?

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