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Travel Barber Case for Barber Clipper / Trimmer / Shaver Accessories


Travel Barber Case for Barber Clipper / Trimmer / Shaver Accessories

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• DURABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, WATER RESISTANT – look no further for the perfect tool case for barbers and stylists when you need to store your precious tools and on-the-go
• PERFECT FOR TRAVEL, STORAGE, business trips and other uses likes maintenance kits, tools, blades, guards, extra lids, etc.
• BUY IN MULTIPLES to house each of your tool combo sets and keep your professional equipment protected and organized
• DESIGNED IN THE USA by StyleCraft – The Art and Science of Styling
• INCLUDES: 1 Travel Case (tools and accessories not included)

Protect your hair clippers, trimmers, shavers, and grooming accessories with this semi-hard nylon organizer case. It is water resistant, lightweight, durable and is the perfect travel or storage case for all of your tools. Two zippers flank each side so you can open either way.  Designed in solid black with a red S|C logo on top.  You spend a lot of money for quality tools, why not protect them?

You have many choices when it comes to barber and stylist cases, the StyleCraft case can house your largest clipper along with accessories and other small gadgets in its zippered mesh pocket measuring 7.5”-in x 4.25”-in and 1”-in deep. Perfect for our Dub guards, blades, and maintenance kits.

The inside is a soft grey color that has a large 4”-in Velcro strap to secure your tools in place. This will ensure when you open the case your tools will not fall out.  The outside is a durable and water-resistant nylon material with a strong nylon and plastic comfort carrying handle. Having the shock-resistant, scratch-proof, and the convenience of practical advantages will ease your mind when traveling to a client.

When storing your tools when not in use, it will give you peace of mind to know your tools are kept dust-free and protected for the next time you need to use them.  Organizing your professional tools will help you protect your investment.  You can also use this case for scissors, oils, batteries, chargers, fixed and moving blades, and other small accessories.

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