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Holiday Bundle Tool Box


Holiday Bundle Tool Box

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• Heavy Metal Professional Tool Box
• Protégé Professional Supercharged Low Noise Cordless Hair Clipper
• Ace Cordless Precision Hair Trimmer, Rechargeable USB Type-C
• Uno Travel Sized Single USB Rechargeable Mens Foil Shaver with Cap
• No Knuckles Curved Fade Brush
• S|C Clipper & Trimmer Grip Band Set
• Professional Barber/Stylist Cutting Cape


The Protégé Clipper features our rotary motor that runs at 7,000 rpms and is more powerful, quieter, and lighter weight than similar clippers in its class. It not only includes magnetic guard and is assembled with a universal modification bracket with 4 holes. The Lithium-ion battery delivers an amazing 240-minutes of run-time with a rapid 2-hour charge time. Use the micro-USB to recharge as well as convenience and worldwide use. Charging stand sold separately.


Unlike other hair trimmers, the ACE Trimmer is super slim and compact in its design and function. Weighing under 5 ounces, it is perfect for any travel kit along with everyday use. Small but powerful, it is equipped with a rotary motor that runs at 7,500 RPMs and can be recharged with the USB Type-C cord included in the box. USB Type-C port is universal so it can charge anywhere, any time. The Lithium-ion battery offers 3 hours of continued run-time and is fully recharged in 90-minutes.


The Uno single foil electric shaver is designed with precision and efficiency in mind, this advanced grooming tool is equipped with a powerful turbocharged motor that runs at an incredible 9,000 rpm, generating high torque to effortlessly eliminate any drag. Its cutting-edge technology ensures a smooth and close shave, even in hard-to-reach areas. The Ultra-Thin Hypoallergenic gold titanium foils provide zero irritation, making it suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Silver slick foils for longer hair sold separately.


Achieve precision grooming with ease and comfort using our revolutionary Clipper and Trimmer Grip Set. Constructed to provide the perfect balance of control and comfort, this set is designed to enhance your grooming experience with a dual-side rubber texture, so it securely fits onto the tool. Whether you are a professional barber or a grooming enthusiast, our non-slip silicone grip set will elevate your cutting game to a whole new level.


Tired of experiencing discomfort and knuckle rubbing while trying to achieve the perfect fade? Look no further than our revolutionary No Knuckles Fade Brush, specifically designed with a curved handle to eliminate those irritating issues and make your grooming experience truly enjoyable. Designed with Barbers in Mind: The No Knuckles Fade Brush is meticulously crafted with a curved handle, ensuring that your knuckles no longer rub against the client’s head or the cutting comb.


Make a statement with this professional styling and barber cape made of durable 100% Polyester. It protects against spills, debris, and falling hair from you or your client. The fun and colorful design is inspired by some of best tools in the business. This cape is made of soft and lightweight polyester material and prevents static electricity so hair will not stick to it. For use whether you have dry or wet hair, it’s perfect for trimming beards and mustaches too. It is designed with no pockets so nothing will get in your way. Reusable with a simple wipe of a damp cloth or rinse with warm water. Simply hang to dry in minutes..

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