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StyleCraft is one of the fastest growing beauty and grooming tool companies since the industrial revolution. We are family owned and US based, with a combined industry experience of more than 50 years. Our specialties are quality, design, functionality and innovation of styling and grooming products.  Our following of professional stylists and barbers have taken notice of our passion and drive for revolutionizing the grooming and beauty industry.

From professional barbers and stylists to personal home use, our tools stand apart from the rest.  Along with product design and development we put superior care through the entire process.  Our company’s primary goal is to create edgy, modern, and technically innovative products. Our quality materials, attention to detail, and design capabilities provide exclusive and truly unique tools for our partners. Join the revolution and experience.




The Art & Science of Styling


StyleCraft is built on a foundation of passion and a need to provide stylists and barbers with innovative and functional tools.  Our experience in the beauty industry spans over 30 years giving us the knowledge and insight to create distinctive tools with the latest technologies and robust designs.  With a hyper-focus on performance and quality, along with edgy colors and metallic finishes S|C has sparked the attention of millions of followers.




It’s a 2-Way Street


It is with pure passion and a love for the barber and beauty community that we launched our social media platforms in 2019.  Our focus is to concentrate on the industry with a fresh perspective of the amazing and creative works that professionals are creating in the world.  It is our goal, not only through our revolutionary innovative tools to help elevate your craft, but to help your following and network grow to new heights and if that helps us too, well that’s a win-win.

Our Community


Join the Revolution


Millions and millions of likes, interaction, hashtags and followers make up a collection of our network who are connected with across social media.  Our community of pro barbers, stylists and consumers alike make up a large group of supporters who are not only fans of our company and product, but they are simply, family. The ‘Fam’ has been loyal to our brands and we have been loyal to them, providing truly engaging material that is seen worldwide.



Feel the Vibe


It is with this information that we have turned on a dime to replace, improve, and create new designs with the latest state-of-the-art technology to our followers.  They are devoted to us and we are devoted in return to bring them first-class quality and durable tools that will last so our fam can perform at the highest level.



We’ve got the Answers


Providing the friendliest service is what we do every day. Our staff is trained on each product and has a genuine interest in helping you with your order, warranty, and instructions with your tool.  We are available M-F 8:00AM-5:30PM EST and can be reached at or by Ph 888.864.6409. If you are not happy, we are not happy, your joy in using our tools is what makes our day.


The name Russo is synonymous with tools in the professional beauty business. Most of Beauty Industry Report’s readers know Ken Russo, who ran a major professional global tool company for 30-plus years, leading to deep expertise in the category. Several years ago, he left corporate life for the entrepreneurial dream and teamed up with his son Austin to form the StyleCraft company.

Once word got out, Valter Sartori of Gamma Piu Italy flew to Florida to meet with Ken and Austin. With the mutual respect Ken and Valter had for one another, it did not take them long to form Gamma Piu N.A. Together, they launched a luxury professional hair appliance brand, Gamma + Italia, which markets the Gamma+ line of tools, also under the StyleCraft corporate umbrella. This new company manufactures in both Italy and Asia.

What was an aggressive start-up a couple of years ago today is rivaling billion-dollar companies in technology, innovation and design for the blow-dryer, styling iron, trimmer, clipper and shaver categories.

                    - BIR Magazine Interview 2021