Replacement Part Spare Buttons 4 Pack (Red, Pink, Green, Blue) for Hitter and Protege Trimmers

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• Interchangeable button colors: Easily switch the color of the lighted button on your Hitter or Protégé trimmer's on/off button with this 4-pack of spare buttons.

• Vibrant color options: The pack includes buttons in four vibrant colors - red, pink, green, and blue - allowing you to choose the color that matches your style or preference.

Personalize your trimmer: These spare buttons offer the freedom to personalize your trimmer and make it truly unique by selecting a bold red, playful pink, vibrant green, or cool blue button.

• Customization made easy: Upgrade your trimmer with our Spare Buttons 4-Pack and effortlessly add a touch of customization.

INCLUDES: 4 colored buttons