Power Ryde - Professional Corded Hair Clipper and Power Cruiser Corded Hair Trimmer Combo Set

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• Power Ryde: professional corded clipper with magnetic motor, Power Cruiser: professional corded trimmer with rotary motor, 7,000 rpms
• Japanese Stainless Steel fade blade and deep tooth cutter is fully adjustable zero gap
• Professional 10 ft cord for ease of use around a barber chair and constant power along with a metal hook for storage 
• Adjustable floating clipper lever and full zero gap blade cutting options
• Corded electric allows usage whenever you need it and never running out of power for a multitude of back-to-back clients or long time use for yourself
• Textured body design along with low noise and vibration for comfort and stability 
• 5 comb attachments for the clipper and 3 guards for the trimmer included 
• Includes: 1 clipper, Stainless Steel fade blade and deep tooth cutter, 5 guards, 1 trimmer, Stainless Steel deep tooth blades, 3 guards, cleaning/maintenance kit, and mini screwdriver