Replacement Part Mythic Clipper Spare Front Lid with Clear Window

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• Easy replacement: The Mythic Model Clipper Body Lid offers a hassle-free solution for replacing or customizing the look of your clipper. With a simple snap-on design, you can easily replace the body lid in no time, giving your clipper a fresh and new appearance.

• Clear window design: The black body lid features a clear window, allowing you to showcase the motor inside. This not only adds a sleek and professional touch to your clipper but also provides a convenient view of the motor during use.

• Durable plastic construction: Made of durable plastic, the body lid is built to withstand the rigors of professional use. It offers long-lasting durability, ensuring that your clipper remains protected and looking its best.

• Personalize your clipper: With the Mythic Model Clipper Body Lid, you have the freedom to switch up the look of your clipper and give it a custom appearance. Whether you want a sleek black lid or prefer to showcase the motor with the clear window, you can achieve the professional look you desire.

INCLUDES: 1 window