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Native Wheat - Anti-Static Professional Styling Unisex Hair Comb


Native Wheat - Anti-Static Professional Styling Unisex Hair Comb

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• Suitable for professional hair stylists, barbers and personal use
• Portable for travel and easy to carry on-the-go
• Double-sided tooth comb for lift and volume      
• Wide-tooth creates full hair and definition with fine-toothed side ideal for teasing and creating volume, detangling and anti-static long teeth for a frizz-free finish
• Environmentally-friendly made with 30% wheat fiber
• Dimensions: 2.25 inches wide x 4.87 inches tall                                  
• Includes: 1 styler comb


What makes the best styling comb?  Our Pro Wheat Straw Styler is anti-static, heat-resistant, virtually unbreakable, durable, and lightweight.  Not to mention, environmentally friendly and safe to use. Stop wasting time and money with styling combs that break when they fall on the floor, or when the teeth break in thick hair.


With so many different types of hair, long, short, straight, afro, curly or wavy, this durable comb styler will help guide through the trendiest designs. Heavy-duty and waterproof, this professional barber and hairstylist comb universally works with all hair types.


At 1/16” and 1/8” apart, the teeth on this styler offer a 2 in 1 double sided combo to grab the hair and hold it steady for maximizing volume and waves.  Smooth rounded tips will not scratch or irritate the scalp.


Measuring 4.5”-inches long, it fits comfortably in your hand to move around the head with ease.


It’s also the perfect size to fit in your pocket or styling apron.


Having the right tools are vital to a barber and stylist’s reputation and quality of work when styling and volumizing.

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